We want to provide the best chicken & eggs in the most natural/ sustainable way.

Our Mission

Our goal is to raise high quality chicken and eggs. We honor all our animals by providing them the best quality of life possible. We rotate our laying hens every couple days and move our meat birds on fresh pasture daily. Our chicks are sourced from a local hatchery in Wisconsin. The feed is also sourced from a local grain facility. We want to provide clean healthy food using the attributes of nature and chickens.

Our History

We are a family of 7. I (Josh), my wife (Elizabeth), Adam, Anna, Caleb, Judah and Abigail. As our family grew, we wanted more space. We purchased, and renovated, an Amish farm in southwest Wisconsin. We began growing our own food and chickens. It surprised us how different homegrown food is. The quality, and overall flavor, is vastly superior to what is in the store. We decided that this is something that we would like others to experience as well. We sell chicken seasonally and eggs year round.